visitor information

Please note that Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe can only be experienced on foot. It is listed as a World Heritage site, which makes it a historical garden monument protected by UNESCO. The footpaths are not suitable for wheelchair users or visitors with seriously impaired mobility.

When visiting the water displays, you will be faced with a distance of 2,3 kilometres and a height difference of 200 metres between the Palace plateau and the Hercules Monument. The stairs flanking the Baroque Cascades at the foot of the Hercules Monument do not have handrails.

As a general rule we would recommend wearing sturdy shoes and clothing suitable to the weather, and bringing something to drink during the summer months.

Times of the water features

Every Wednesday, Sunday and public holiday from 1 May to 3 October visitors will have the opportunity to follow the water on its way from the Hercules Monument down to the Great Fountain in front of the palace, starting at 14:30. The water will reach and operate the individual features at these times:

2.30 pm Display starts at the Giant's Head Basin at the foot of the Hercules
3.05 pm Steinhöfer Waterfall
3.20 pm Devil's Bridge
3.30 pm Aqueduct
3.45 pm Great Fountain (lasting until  around 4 pm)
Each individual water display will be in operation for about ten minutes.

Please note that the ongoing construction work has an impact both on visitor orientation and on the course of the water. This year, we will be overhauling the watercourses on the south side of the Cascades (i. e. the left-hand side as seen from below). Consequently only the northern (right-hand) flight of stairs will be open to visitors. Further restoration work in the Bergpark will not affect the water displays.

For more information on the construction work please click here.


Illuminated Water Features at night
Every year, from June to September, the Illuminated Water Features take place on the first Saturday of each month.